Best Parks for Kids in Gladesville, NSW

Gladesville, NSW is a small suburb approximately 10 kilometres away from the heart of Sydney. The affluent area overlooks the Parramatta River and is home of several quaint parks. If you are planning on taking a trip to Gladesville, here is everything you need to know about Monash and Banjo Paterson Park. We couldn’t write this article without putting a shameless plug for our Gladesville plumber services so if you ever need a plumber please give us a call!

Monash Park Gladesville

Monash Park sits adjacent to Westminster Park with each knoll overlooking Rye Road in the middle. The five-acre park packs a wide range of play options for toddlers, ages two to five. The playground equipment includes:

  • Three swings
  • Two built-in trampolines
  • A rocking car
  • A rocking bike
  • A small playscape with a slide

The park features an expansive canvas the shades a portion of the playground and several benches. It also has a fence that extends around the perimeter. Parents can take advantage of Cav&Co Café, BarPizza Gladesville, and the Art of Baking nearby, too. There are even tables with bench seats, so they can eat while their kids play.

There is a single bathroom located near the sports field. Visitors will need to go north towards Westminster Park to access it. Monash Park is open 24 hours a day and is free to the public.

Monash Park Gladesville

Banjo Paterson Park Gladesville

The odds are excellent; you have heard “Waltzing Matilda.” The 1895 bush ballad is, after all, the unofficial national anthem of Australia. The credit for the lyrics goes to Banjo Paterson (1864-1941), who spent approximately two decades in Gladesville. You can read more interesting facts about Gladesville NSW here.

Paterson spent a majority of the 1870s and 1880s living in Gladesville. His experiences set the stage for some of his most iconic poems, including “Clancy of the Overflow” in 1889 and “The Man from Snowy River” one year later. A majority of his poems and ballad depict life on the outback and in rural Australia.

It is only appropriate that this 6.25 acre stretch of land along the Parramatta River bears his name. Banjo Paterson Park is suitable for children ages two to eight and features a wide range of playing equipment. Visitors to the park can use:

  • A rocking car
  • A seesaw
  • A covered, twisting metal slide attached to a playscape
  • Two sets of swings, one with bucket seats and one with belt seats
  • A wooden climbing gym that includes a rope net, a slide, a bridge, a cubby house, and a fire pole

Visitors can find Banjo Paterson Park at the end of Punt Road or behind the Gladesville Mental Hospital. The park is open all day and has natural shade as well as toilets, barbecuing, and a picnic shelter. There is also the Banjo Paterson Cottage Restaurant on the southside, which serves traditional Australian fare.

Banjo Paterson Park Gladesville

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