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Everyday problems can contribute to a leaking toilet and can vary widely, from parts lasting longer than their use-by dates, to valves malfunctioning at an early age. This could be due to an incorrect installation or perhaps neglecting a problem for longer than you should. Don’t put up with it any longer – call the professional and certified plumbers from Service More 24 and get your issue fixed today.

We understand that toilet problems can be a big inconvenience for households and businesses, not to mention somewhat embarassing for your guests and visitors. That is why we focus on providing prompt service for all of our customers.

Contact Service More 24 and we will ensure your toilet is functioning at its absolute best, no more worrying about sanitary issues, blockages or water wastage. Keep your toilet area clean and odour free – schedule a service today!

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Leaky Toilet Repair Services

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Toilets have plenty of components that can become faulty. We know you want to keep costs low and that is why we focus on repairing your toilet first, in the rare event that a repair is not possible we will be able to provide you with a no-hidden-fee quotation on a replacement.

We know that performing a do-it-yourself repair can be tempting and in some situations can be a good solution however if you accidentally cause further damage your repair bill can be even greater. Our professional team has access to the latest plumbing tools and quality parts to get your toilet fixed quickly and with minimal fuss. Our tools will allow us to work quickly, saving you on labour costs and ensuring your toilet is back up and running as soon as possible.

Our toilet repair services include:

  • Stop water running into the bowl
  • Ensure toilet buttons are in good working order
  • Use the latest fittings and equipment to create a harmonious-sounding experience, not the worry that someone is breaking into the house every time the cistern fills up
  • No water leaks from the cistern or the pan
  • Cisterns flushing out the right amount of water
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Testimonial - Dimitri

I just want to take a moment to thank the team at Service More 24. They saved me a heap, were honest and reliable and got work done right A+++.

Dimitri Bal

Great work, reliable, honest and always calls back. A very reliable plumber which is hard to come by these days. Thank you Service More 24!

Anthony Dionne

Quality and service was excellent. As I am ocd about my cleanliness, I experienced no anxiety after all four walls had to be jacked off as the gentlemen were so clean!

Pano Zed

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